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 Industrial Slurry Ice Machines
Model Ice production capacity T/24hrs Installed Power kW Dimensions Weight kg.
SL-50AS 5 5 800x800x1790 mm. 800
SL-100AS 10 10 1600x800x1790 mm. 1300
SL-150AS 15 15 2400x800x1790 mm. 1700
SL-200AS 20 20 3200x800x1790 mm. 2200
SL-250AS 25 25 4000x800x1790 mm. 3000

Advantages of the Recom slurry ice machine:
Reliable and adaptable
Recom slurry ice machines are made to the highest standards and made for any application
Efficient heat exchange and min. salinity
Due to the high heat exchange surface our machines requires seawater with a min. salinity of 0,25%
Therefore, sea water can be used directly for ice making.
High refrigeration efficiency with low power input
Our selected refrigeration system in combination with high heat exchange performance ensure you for low power input and costs.
Superior performance
Recom can produce high-quality sea water slurry ice continuously for 24 hours a day. Only little maintenance required for long-term operation .
Compact unit and pump-able ice
Recom slurry ice machines are compact complete “plug- and play” (sea) water-cooled packages. The ice is via a flexible hose
pump-able and thus easy to transport to all locations.
Flexible application and multi-function
Stainless steel water pump, PE ice storage tank or agitating water tank are optional to increase the ice storing amount and meet demand from various fields.
Comprehensive solution
Recom slurry ice machines fits in any application
Low chilling time
Due to maximum contact between product and slurry ice the chilling time is minimal and increase up to 200% compare to traditional ice.
Better product freshness and hygiene
Due to the fast product “chill down” the quality and hygiene as well as the sales will increase

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