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 Concrete cooling systems

For large industrial projects Recom Ice Systems delivers complete Ice factories.
A unique feature resulting from the large Recom product offering is that customers can actually source all the machinery to build a complete ice factory from one supplier, Recom Ice Systems.

The product range encompasses:

  • flake ice production machinery 350 to 60,000 kg / 24 hr
  • ice storages from 450 kg to 200,000 kg in various models
  • ice delivery systems, spiral or air, for distant delivery up to 200 mtr
  • ice weighing systems
  • integrated controls. All the ice factory components are controlled from a single PLC
  • Water pre-cooling chillers: To gain up to 20% more capacity from the equipment 


Recom support:
During the engineering stage Recom will gladly co-engineer the entire ice factory with it’s customers. We can help to investigate the most optimal technical solutions as well as provide technical data to design the construction.

Assembly & Installation:
During the assembly and installation stage our on-site engineers can arrange supervision or the entire job.

After the equipment has been put in place and all the components have been installed our engineers will travel around the globe to assure the plant is professionally commissioned.

Finally, our Recom engineers will exchange knowledge with the people on site so they can operate the ice factory autonomously.

In case of planned maintenance or operational issues our people will be of assistance, either from a distance or on site.

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